Public health systems’ response to epidemiological threats in BRICS member states

June 29, 2020

On June 29, 2020, the First Online Round Table of Food and Healthcare working group «Public health systems’ response to epidemiological threats in BRICS member states» was held.

The agenda included large number of tiopics: biosafety and preparedness to epidemics, international health regulations in the sphere of biological threat-prevention and antimicrobial infection risk-reduction, medical statistics and vaccine prevention, etc. During the round table discussion, the participants concentrated on two issues: COVID-19 response in the BRICS countries and problems of access to treatment and medicines.

The event was attended by 25 experts – representatives of NGOs and academicians from BRICS countries, and chaired by Dr. Victoria Panova, Managing director of the Russian National committee on BRICS Research, Scientific Supervisor of the BRICS Russian Organizing Committee Expert Council, Vice President for International Relations of Far Eastern Federal University, Co-chair of the Civil BRICS Forum.

In the course of the discussion, the key speakers presented their ideas. An overview of the COVID situation in Brazil was presented by Mr. Pedro Villardi, Coordinator of Intellectual Property Working Group at Brazilian Interdisciplinary AIDS Association. The presentation «COVID-19, access to experimental treatment and intellectual property laws: expanding the government mandate» was made by Mr. Sergey Golovin, Head of Intellectual Property and Accessibility division at EECA Treatment Preparedness Coalition. An overview of the response to the coronavirus pandemic and drug availability in India was presented by Ms. Kajal Bhardwai, an independent expert on health and human rights, leader in the access to medicines movement.

Following the proposals made by the participants, the second round table on health issues is to be organized soon. It will focus on the problems of the vaccination against COVID-19. As a part of the preparation of the Civil BRICS Forum, at least 12 online round tables more will be held. Participants of the upcoming roundtables will discuss the most relevant issues on: «Nutrition and Healthcare», «Education and Science», «Economic Development in the Digital Era”  «Information Strategies and Society», «Environment, Climate and energy», «Sustainable cities and rural development», «Women and girls» and  «People-to-people exchanges».

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