Online-conference «Overcoming the consequences of the pandemic: a women’s perspective» was held in Moscow

July 23, 2020

On Thursday, July 23, the Union of Women’s Forces organized the online conference “Overcoming the consequences of the pandemic: a women’s perspective.”

The event was chaired by Inga Legasova, chairperson of the NGO “Union of Women’s Forces” and co-chair of Civil BRICS working group “Women and Girls.”

During the conference, twelve reports were presented. They covered the most crucial issues on the women’s agenda: issues of small and medium-sized women’s enterprises; women representation in economic and politics; new forms of employment and the development of women’s startups, the need to take adequate social support measures in the context of the post-coronavirus realities; motherhood support measures; domestic violence, etc.

Each report included practical recommendations on the discussed issues. Based on these proposals, a position document of the “Women and Girls” group of the Civil BRICS is to be formed. Also, the memorandum prepared after the conference will be transferred to the International Organization “UN Women”, and to the Women G20.

The work on the formation of a position document for the BRICS Civil Forum is to be continued. On August 10, a round table “Overcoming the consequences of the pandemic: a women’s perspective,” that will comprise experts from the BRICS countries, is to be held. Besides, as part of the preparation of the BRICS Civil Forum, it is planned to organize a series of round tables in eight areas: “Nutrition and Healthcare”, “Education and Science”, “Economic Development in the Era of Digitalization”, “Information Strategies and Society”, “Environment, Climate and energy”, “Sustainable development of cities and rural areas”, “Women and girls”, “International cultural exchange”.

The program and calendar of events are available at the link

Materials of the conference can be found at the website of the “Union of Women’s Forces” at https://союзженскихсил.рф/news/actual/9779/

The video-recording of the online-conference is available at the youtube channel of the “Union of Women’s Forces”