Governance structure

National Steering Committee of the Forum represented by the Russian BRICS&G20 CSOs Working Group. National Steering Committee will set up the working groups agendas, invite partners from the BRICS and will develop the programme of the Forum.

The Co-chairs of the BRICS Civil Forum are responsible for coordinating the work, making decisions and monitoring their implementation. In 2020, the functions of the Co-chairs are performed by:

Victoria Panova, Managing director of the Russian National committee on BRICS Research, Scientific Supervisor of the BRICS Russian Organizing Committee Expert Council, Vice President for International Relations of Far Eastern Federal University, Chair of the Primorsky regional branch of the Women’s Union of Russia;
Alena Peryshkina, Director of AIDS Infoshare Foundation, Co-chair of BRICS&G20 CSOs Working Group;

International drafting committee plays an important role in harmonizing the various viewpoints and working out consensus-based recommendations.

Secretariat of the Forum is an executive body appointed by the Co-chairs. Its competences will include: taking decisions related to the Forum’s organization, coordination of the working groups’ activities and ensuring efficient communication between all stakeholders.